Saturday, 23 October 2010

my own monochrome.

unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented me from posting my lace adventures last night. but fear not! out of the dark cloud of computer inefficiencies comes the silver lining of a double up laces exxxtravaganza [trademark pending]!

so. today. the trusty cons get a make over. i like to think that i'm very open-minded and adventurous when it comes to colour, but in fact, this is a total lie, and i really only like black, white, and the occasional shade of grey. so mr lacy's black flatties are my holy grail of shoelaces.

in order to make up for the regrettable shoelace silence incident of last night, i've done the extra mile today, and have spent some minutes trawling through mr lacy's guide to lacing, to provide you with a fresh take on how to infiltrate your eyelets. this is the lattice. i'm still not sure i did it right, but there's a limit to the amount of time i can spend on it, with a shift at work and an errant gym visit looming. regardless, you get the idea.

again, the genius is in the details with this particular pair: specifically, the gold metal tips. they are the perfect compromise for colourphobes such as myself, serving as an ideal way to break up the monochrome without startling the inevitably skittish wearer.

stay tuned for today's second post; i'm revamping my beloved adicolours, with hilarious results! (well not really, i'd say mildly diverting at first, but sometimes i like talking like a movie trailer voice-over guy).

in the meantime, have a look at the lacing guide and send me some pics- there's a prize for best effort (a real one, i'm holding it in my hand now)!

[jessica aureli]

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