Sunday, 24 October 2010

golden sundays.

well, it's the end of a fabulously lace-filled week, and i thought i'd really push the boat out for the final entry. it's late on a sunday evening, and i had my last shift at part-time job today before starting new full-time job tomorrow (no rest for the wicked), so i'm going to have to keep this on the pleasant side of brief, but i thought i'd send us all into a new week feeling shiny and positive, so i've jazzed up my gold supergas with mr lacy's gold smallies.

i'm hoping that they'll induce some sunshine into the beginning of the week (as we slide inevitably, and terrifyingly, into the dark days of
turning the clocks back - perhaps if we pretend it's not happening, it just won't happen).

with love and laces,

[jessica aureli]

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